Chip Collection Troubleshooting Tips

These are the most common errors when collecting free chips for POP! Slots, myVEGAS Mobile Slots, my Konami Slots, and myVEGAS Blackjack app.

Note: Make sure you understand what force-closing the app entails. Many people simply minimize instead of force-closing and that will not work.

[expand title=”SORRY, THIS CHIP OFFER HAS EXPIRED.” tag=”strong”]Usually an issue with POP! Slots. When the app loads up after clicking the chip link, this error appears.

To fix this, force close the POP! Slots app every single time before clicking on any of the chip links.

If it’s still not working, the chip link has actually expired.[/expand]

[expand title=”APP LOADS BUT NOTHING HAPPENS” tag=”strong”]Usually an issue with myVEGAS Mobile Slots. Instead of seeing the chips pop-up to be collected after clicking on the chips link, and the app loads up, and nothing happens.

First force close the app, and try again. If that doesn’t work, force close the app first, copy the chip link, then paste it into a browser like Safari or Chrome.[/expand]
[expand title=”YOUR VOUCHER HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY REDEEMED BUT 0 CHIPS” tag=”strong”]It says 0 Chips, but the actual amount has actually been added. Just reload the app and the chips will be added to your total.[/expand]
[expand title=”YOUR VOUCHER HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY REDEEMED BUT NOTHING ADDED TO TOTAL” tag=”strong”]Same error as previous one. Amount has actually been added, but need to reload the app to see it.[/expand]

Unfortunately, even with these troubleshooting tips, problems persist. IOS seems to have the most errors for some reason. Please comment below with the details of your error if you are still experiencing issues after going through all the troubleshooting tips.

42 thoughts on “Chip Collection Troubleshooting Tips”

  1. My pop slots is loaded on my iPad and plays great, and I can make purchases, but when I try to use the free chips links I receive via email, it says “Pop Slots is available only on mobile devices”, and it does not allow me to collect. It acts like I don’t even have the app installed. Help!

  2. im able to redeem the coins, the app tells me “i’ve recieved “X” amount of coins”, but then nothing is added, i hard reset my app numerous times, even did hard tests where i would open the app through the coin site and with it on, still nothing…

    • Is it possible you collected these links already from a different site? Are you force closing the app first and trying all the different troubleshooting steps?

  3. Needing help badly. I have forced closed the app copied the link and opened It in another browser. Nothing is working. It makes me really mad. It not adding them to my coin balance. I have forced stopped the app and then reloaded and still noting. What do I need to do.
    Help from Arkansas

  4. I’ve clicked and collected several of the free chip links and it’s not being added to my total amount 99% of the time. I have forced closed several times and close the game everytime between links as per trouble shooting instructions. I’ve even uninstalled reinstalled, restarted my phone and cleared cashed. I’m on Android phone LG Stylo 5 but haven’t had any luck 3 days straight of using this site.

  5. it seems that this is a problem with lotsofpeople who do not get the coins added although it goes through the motions
    you say the same stuff…non answers..
    yes i forced closed…reset…reloaded…are you going provide a real answer?

    • Did you read the troubleshooting guide? Most of the time you just have to make sure you force close the app before you click. And also, make sure you actually close the app, not just minimize it.

  6. I’ve noticed that when I click on open and it opens pop slots to add coins, if the pop up ad that day is a video, it Ultimately will not load the coins. If it’s just a picture ad that has x button to exit, they do load. Is there something to that??

  7. When I go to free chips and click on one of the boxes for example the box with 3 million free chips and the date I click on it then I click on the play button, it will load then pop up collect 3 million chips and I click it and it don’t add to my balance

  8. When I click on the link to the free coins and it takes me to the page that should have a play button, last week my play button stopped appearing….this is any webpage. But if I. Go directly through Facebook, it’s there. If it’s an external webpage link through Facebook, it isn’t there! This is obviously only an issue with Pop slots bc the other games old the app directly when you click on coin links. I’ve tried everything and can not get PLAY to appear….there are millions of more coins available to me through websites such as myvegasadvisor that I am unable to collect bc there is no PLAY link to take me to the app. I know sometimes before this happened it would take a second or two to appear and the whole screen shifts down when it does…but I’ve sat and waited and waited and it never appears. Has anyone else had this problem??? What can I do.

  9. Try to collect chips says collected but not added to total been multiple days and force closed pop slots still nothing lost 10s of millions because of this its bad enough that you loose more than win so have just keep bets low and mostly just get on to collect time and daily bonus

  10. Hola, quería saber porque la recompensa de los tiques nunca me dio… tenia para cobrar 3 billones… otra cosa el juego no me paga nada nunca, soy de Argentina… y la verdad aburre porque las pocas fichas que te dan se acaban muy rápido.. gracias

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