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How to Get myVEGAS Facebook Free Chips

Collecting free chips for the myVEGAS Facebook game is quick and easy regardless of where you’re getting your free chips from but the best way is through the links on this website because this is where you get the most free chips.  Although the amount of chips in each free chip link varies, they are generally pretty decent amounts.  You will want to pull up your browser and sign into your Facebook account first and then open up this webpage.  After completing both of those tasks getting your free myVEGAS Facebook chips is easy, you just have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Take turns clicking each of the dated links you will find on this page.  Don’t worry about the dates because many are available for days at a time.  If the links are highlighted in a different color you have already collected those so no need to click on those ones.
  2. For each link you click a new window will open up in your browser.  On that page you will see a bubble that says REDEEM & PLAY.  Click on that to open up the myVEGAS Facebook game.
  3. The free chips will be added to your myVEGAS Facebook account and you can immediately start playing with your free chips.
NOTE: Free myVEGAS Chip Links usually expire in 7 days

myVEGAS Facebook

2 Million
18 hours ago
myVEGAS Facebook

3 Million
1 day ago
myVEGAS Facebook

1 Million
2 days ago
myVEGAS Facebook

1 Million
3 days ago
myVEGAS Facebook

1 Million
4 days ago
myVEGAS Facebook

1 Million
5 days ago
myVEGAS Facebook

1.125 Million
6 days ago
myVEGAS Facebook

1 Million
7 days ago
myVEGAS Facebook

1 Million
7 days ago
myVEGAS Facebook

1 Million
8 days ago
myVEGAS Facebook

1 Million
9 days ago
myVEGAS Facebook

1 Million
10 days ago

Get More Myegas Facebook Free Chips

  1. Free Chip Daily Spin – Collecting your daily free chips on the Facebook version of the game is a little different than the mobile games because you actually get to spin a wheel for your chips.  You will see this as soon as you open the Facebook version of the game each day.
  2. Time Bonus for Free Chips – There is also a time bonus that pops up in the chip purchase area.  This can be collected multiple times throughout the day as well.
  3. Collecting from the myVEGAS Strip – Another thing that is a little different about the Facebook myVEGAS game is that you build your own personal strip as you play the game.  When each of the casinos on the strip is completed you will be able to collect random chip amounts from them multiple times throughout the day.
  4. Daily Challenges – One of the newer features added to myVEGAS Facebook is the Daily Challenges feature.  Completing each of these challenges every day can result in some pretty large chip amounts and they are all fairly simple to complete.
  5. Special Events and Tournaments – Tournaments and special events are hosted regularly and can not only lead to additional free chips but also some great prizes periodically as well.  Be sure to always check for these opportunities as they can result in winning a lot of chips at times.
  6. Gifts from Friends – If you have friends that also play myVEGAS on Facebook you might find free chips gifted to you from them from time to time.  Simply click on your Inbox to see if you have free chips waiting and also to send your friends free chips.

Free Coins for myVEGAS Facebook

The ultimate purpose of playing the myVEGAS Facebook game is to get Loyalty Points to use for real Vegas rewards.  These Loyalty Points used to also be available through free chip links but after some changes to the system the only way to get these Loyalty Points now is to play the games.  The more games you play, the more Loyalty Points you get and the more fun you have in Vegas without spending a ton of money.

myVEGAS Facebook Game Overview

The myVEGAS Facebook version of the myVEGAS game is the original Play Studios game that offers real Vegas rewards just for playing the free slot games.  This version of the game is played on a laptop or computer and while you don’t have to be connected to Facebook to play, you do have to be connected if you want your loyalty points to combine across all of the other Play Studios games that offer real life Vegas comps.  The other games that are included in this list include myVEGAS Mobile Slots, MyKonami Slots, Pop! Slots and myVEGAS Blackjack.  Connecting to Facebook on all of these games will provide the most benefit as far as collecting loyalty points and earning rewards.  It is also important to note that it is necessary to stay connected to the internet while playing and that a bad connection will result in an equally bad gaming experience.  As long as you do that, playing the game and earning rewards is simple.

So, what exactly are those rewards you can get with your Loyalty Points?  Surprisingly there are just too many to list here, as you can get rewards for casinos and activities all over the world.  Most people tend to be more interested in the rewards you can use in fabulous Las Vegas though, and there are plenty to be had at some of the best casinos the city has to offer.  Some of the properties you will find rewards for include:

  • The Mirage
  • Bellagio
  • Aria
  • Park MGM
  • New York New York
  • MGM Grand
  • Excalibur
  • Luxor
  • Mandalay Bay and More!

Rewards for each property will be slightly different but you can earn everything from free buffets and show tickets to comp hotel stays and freeplay for slot machines.  The more rewards you’re able to purchase the more money you will save while visiting Vegas and that means even more fun for less money than you ever would have imagined. 

In order to make the most of earning those Loyalty Points on the myVEGAS Facebook game you need to take advantage of every opportunity for free chips.  You will get the most free chips by following the links on this page, which is as simple as clicking on the links.

Once you’re all stocked up on free chips you can start having fun playing the game.  All you have to do is choose your favorite game and start spinning.  All of the games are fun to play but if you are diligent in collecting chips your VIP status will increase as well and eventually you may have the opportunity to play high roller games too.  Just remember, the more you play, the more you earn and the possibilities are endless.

Tips and Strategies for myVEGAS Facebook Gameplay

  • Pay attention to your daily loyalty point cap so you’re not playing for nothing.
  • Spin efficiently to make the most of your chips and maximize your loyalty point earning potential.
  • Collect chips even when you don’t plan to play the game so you can rack them up to play high when you do.
  • Try to play when you have a large number of chips to enhance your game play and winning chances.
  • Log in every day to get frequency bonuses and to take your daily spin.
  • Play more to earn more and get the best of the free real Vegas rewards the Facebook myVEGAS game has to offer.
  • Don’t forget to have fun!  You may be playing for a purpose but it’s still a game…

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