Earn an easy $40 FREE with Rakuten

Link: Earn a Free $40 Welcome Bonus with Rakuten Shopping Portal

I do a lot of online shopping, and earn a massive amount of cashback (or Amex points) by visiting my favourite free online shopping portal, Rakuten.

Join Rakuten today, and earn a $40 Welcome bonus by spending $40 within 90 days!  Offer open to USA and CAD residents and valid until November 30, 2023 at 8:59pm.

Just do your regular shopping, but Sign Up and go through Rakuten first, and $40 as well as cashback, absolutely FREE!

The best part is their tell-a-friend bonus of $40.  Tell friends & family about the free $40 at Rakuten, and earn another $40 each person you successfully refer to!  There is no limit to the amount of referrals you can make!

Almost every online store is available at Rakuten, including Walmart, Target, Groupon, Expedia, Walgreens, Sephora, Kohls, Vegas.com, Caesars.com, MGM.com and many many more!

Here are the easiest methods to spend the $40 to earn the $40 quickly!

For USA Members

The absolute easiest way to spend the $40 is getting Gift Cards at Giftcards.com.  Just Sign Up at Rakuten first, go to Giftcards.com through the Rakuten Portal, and purchase $40 worth of Gift Cards at any place you would spend $40 anyways and get $40 back from Rakuten, simple as that!

For Canadian Members

For Canadians, the best stores to shop would be Chapters.Indigo.ca, Sephora, Gap Canada, and Old Navy Canada.  Remember, you need to spend $40 USD equivalent before tax so like $56+ would be safe.

$40 FREE Sign-Up Bonus /w Rakuten

  1. Sign-Up with this Rakuten $40 FREE Credit Link (Make sure it shows $40 to sign-up like the above image.
  2. Within 90 days of joining, make minimum purchases of $40 or more. Make sure to go to your favorite store through Rakuten to ensure the purchases qualify.
  3. Receive the $40 Welcome Bonus as an account credit, where you can be issued a check or through Paypal.
  4. Start Referring others to earn even more money!

How to Use the Rakuten Shopping Portal

  1. Sign Up with this Rakuten $40 FREE Credit Link or Login if already have
  2. Use the Search Bar and search for your favourite store, and click to go to that store. It’ll also show the cashback available
  3. Click on the “Shop Now” button to be forwarded to the store. Shop as usual and earn cashback and your $40 Welcome Bonus!

How to Refer your Family & Friends and earn hundreds more!

  1. Sign-Up with this Rakuten $40 FREE Credit Link or Login if already have
  2. Click on the “Refer & Earn $40”
  3. Share your special link with Friends & Family
  4. As long as they sign-up under your link, and do the $40 qualifying purchases, you will receive $40 and they will receive $40! Do this for unlimited referrals!

$40 Bonus Referral Period ends November 30, 2023 at 8:59pm EST.

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