myVEGAS Mobile Slots Free Chips

How to Get myVEGAS Mobile Free Chips

There are a number of ways to get free chips for myVEGAS Mobile Slots but the number one way is by following the free chip links located on this webpage.  This is the easiest way to get a lot of chips quickly so you can maximize your play.  In order to take advantage of these chip links you will first have to download the myVEGAS mobile app onto your device.  Once you have done this you will then want to connect to Facebook through the game in order to have your Loyalty Points from each of the Play Studios games connect.  To utilize this website for free chips you only need to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Click on each of the highlighted boxes below to follow the links to collect myVEGAS Mobile Slots chips.  Once you have clicked on one it will change color, signifying it has already been collected.
  2. After clicking a link a new window will open that will feature a PLAY icon.  Clicking on the PLAY icon will open the myVEGAS app on your mobile device.
  3. Upon opening the app you will see a chip amount with a COLLECT icon.  Clicking this will add the chip amount to your total myVEGAS Mobile Slots chip count.
NOTE: Free myVEGAS Mobile Slots Chip Links usually expire in 48-72 hours.

myVEGAS Slots Mobile

Up to 1.5 Million
9 hours ago
myVEGAS Slots Mobile

1 Million
17 hours ago
myVEGAS Slots Mobile

Up to 1.5 Million
1 day ago
myVEGAS Slots Mobile

Up to 1.5 Million
2 days ago
myVEGAS Slots Mobile

Up to 1.5 Million
3 days ago
myVEGAS Slots Mobile

Up to 1.5 Million
4 days ago
myVEGAS Slots Mobile

1 Million
4 days ago
myVEGAS Slots Mobile

Up to 1.5 Million
5 days ago

Get More myVEGAS Mobile Slots Free Chips

  1. Daily Free Chip Bonus – Each day you will be able to collect a fairly sizable amount of chips just by opening the app and collecting your daily bonus.
  2. Free Chip Time Bonuses – Time bonuses are available multiple times a day and also only require you to open up the app and click on the BONUS icon. 
  3. Free Chip Emails – Emails with free chips will also come pretty often and can contain a decent amount of chips.  Simply follow the link within the email and click collect when you hit the landing page.  In order to get these emails, though, you will have to add the email to your address book to make sure the emails are not ending up in your junk folder.
  4. Special Events Awards – Certain special events will also be periodically available and can come in the form of challenges that you have to complete in order to be awarded even more free chips. 
  5. Tournament Play – Each day you will see tournaments in different games that can be profitable in the way of chips as well.  In many cases you only have to fall within the top 30 to receive some sort of free chips.  The game that the tournaments are in change all the time, making it even more fun to play.
  6. Free Chip Gifts – After singing into your myVEGAS Mobile app you can also collect free gifts sent by your friends by clicking on the Inbox icon on the bottom right of the screen.  Although these are not usually large amounts of chips it does add to your overall chip count and helps keep you playing longer.

Free Coins for myVEGAS Mobile Slots

When the Play Studios games first came out there were links that would not only allow you to collect free chips to play with but Loyalty Points as well.  Unfortunately, those days are gone and the only way to earn the Loyalty Points is to diligently play the games.  Fortunately, the free chip opportunities make it easier than ever to play the game on a regular basis.

myVEGAS Mobile Slots Game Overview

The myVEGAS Mobile game app provides you with all of the fun you get out of the Facebook version of the game in the palm of your hands.  Unlike the other Pay Studios games, myVEGAS has two separate versions that you can play.  Each awards its own amount of chips to play with but both contribute to your overall count of loyalty points.  For this reason, it is important to play both versions in order to maximize your opportunities to collect those LPs.  You should also be sure to play the other Play Studios games as well, which include myVEGAS Facebook, MyKonami Slots, Pop! Slots and myVEGAS Blackjack.  Other than the Facebook version of myVEGAS the rest are all apps that you can download on your device and play anytime, anywhere.

With the Loyalty points you will earn through the myVEGAS Mobile Slots game and other Play Studios games you can get awesome rewards to use while you are on your next Vegas vacation.  You can even get rewards for casinos in other places around the world, but the main focus is definitely Las Vegas, which is what most rewards are for.  Some of the fabulous casinos you can use these rewards in include:

  • Mandalay Bay
  • New York New York
  • Excalibur
  • Luxor
  • The Mirage
  • MGM Grand and Park MGM
  • Aria
  • Bellagio and more!

The rewards for each property vary considerably but at most you can use your Loyalty Points for things like free buffets, comp hotel rooms, show tickets and even free gameplay on real slot machines at some of these properties.  All of these rewards add up to more fun in Vegas for less money than you would think possible.

In order to maximize your game play and Loyalty Point earning opportunities it is important to take advantage of all the free chips available.  The easiest method for getting chips is following the links on this page but it is important to keep up on the other methods of chip collection as well.

Once you have some chips saved up playing the myVEGAS Mobile slots is easy and fun!  Simply open the app up and find a slot game that looks exciting to you and start paying.  When you do you will notice not only your Loyalty Points increasing but when you sign in to collect free daily chips you will also see your VIP points increase.  This allows you to increase you VIP level and ultimately the amount of your free chip collections.  The more chips you collect the more you get to play and the more Loyalty Points you can collect, which is the ultimate goal of playing.

Tips and Strategies for myVEGAS Mobile Slots Gameplay

  • Make sure to collect chips through all options at least once a day.  This includes your daily bonus and you time bonuses.
  • Be sure you are spinning efficiently to maximize chip and loyalty point collection.
  • Stop playing and save your chips when you reach your loyalty point cap for the day.  There is no point wasting chips if you can’t earn Loyalty Points.
  • Make sure your bet is set to the right amount after each chip collection as it sometimes changes and you bet more than you realize.
  • Make sure journeys and challenges are worth the amount of chips it cost to play.
  • Find the best way to utilize all those loyalty points your collecting.
  • Have fun playing the game!

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