New myVEGAS Rewards – Gift Cards

myVEGAS has introduced some new @HOME Rewards, gift cards! Now, you can redeem your myVEGAS Loyalty Points for Fandango, Vudu, Doordash, UberEats, and gift cards! You can purchase these under the @HOME tab in the myVEGAS Rewards section in all the different apps.

Although these gift cards are available, the redemption rates are terrible and only recommended if you have ample Loyalty Points or do not plan to redeem any other myVEGAS Rewards anytime soon. If you want to earn these myVEGAS Gold Coins faster, remember to grab daily free myVEGAS Chips and free POP Slots chips, and you’ll be able to afford these gift cards in no time.

With the prices above, the Fandango and Vudu are $10 Gift Cards, the Doordash and UberEats are $20 Gift Cards, and the is a $30 Gift Card. These are in USD only and need to be used in the USA apps or websites.

These refresh randomly once a day and you can purchase 1 every 7 days. However, they are almost always sold out so if you see them and want them, grab them asap.

There’s also a Sweepstakes offer for 250 Loyalty Points. You can purchase up to 4 entries and the winner will receive a $200 Gift Card towards food delivery.

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