POP! Slots Best Strategy 2020

As one of the most entertaining games in the myVEGAS family, the ultimate goal of POP! Slots is to earn Loyalty Points, and convert these Loyalty Points into real-life rewards at MGM properties. With the LP earning limit implemented, here are the best tips and strategies to ensure that you max out your Loyalty Points every day.

Collect Your Daily Chips

Ensure that you’re collecting your daily chips from all sources! This includes:

  • Pop Slots free chips on the site you’re currently on, from your email
  • Email Chips when you first subscribed. It’ll come from noreply@popslotscasino.com
  • Daily Chips in game
  • Notifications from the App so ensure that notifications are turned on

Stop when hitting Loyalty Points Cap

As mentioned earlier, there is now a cap on the amount of Loyalty Points that can be earned daily. The amount varies from person to person and nobody is sure what factors in the limit, but everyone will eventually have it. Most people have a lock at 2,000 Loyalty Points. Stop when you hit this lock, or else you’ll just be playing for fun.

No more Loyalty Points in Ballooons

Balloons no longer contain Loyalty Points. Popping them only results in extra Chips or Experience. I still pop them when I’m playing the game but its not essential.

Manage Chip Stack

The most important part of this game is to maintain a chip stack. Your Loyalty Points Meter goes up faster as you bet more, but this also causes a higher variance and more chance that you destroy your chip stack and end up with no chips.

The meter increase is not proportional with your bet, so if you betting 10x the amount, does not mean that the meter goes up 10x faster. Bet lower as needed if you are losing chips fast. It’ll take a bit longer to max out your LPs but you’ll have enough chips to play another day, and to max out another day.

My Personal Strategy

This game is the easiest game to earn Loyalty Points for me now. I max out daily and with no effort. By collecting from all the sources I mentioned above, my chip stack actually grows daily. The most important part for me now is how fast I earn my Loyalty Points now. I choose a 3-Reel Slot game, since it’s the fastest, bet around 100,000 to 200,000 chips, and just let it run in the background. I don’t even bother popping balloons since I don’t run out of chips, and just like that, I max out of my Loyalty Points every day with very little effort.

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