Beware of POP! Slots Hacks and Generators

Browsing around for free POP! Slots chips on Google or Facebook, you may stumble on hacks or generators that promise some insane amount or unlimited amount of chips. These sites, pages, and even video tutorials prey on the uninformed and the desperate!


The purpose of these so-called POP! Slots hacks and POP! Slots generators is to:

  1. Hack your device and steal your information
  2. Make you watch ads or download apps so that they can make money off you
  3. Input malware into your devices that can do things like spam your friends, take over your Facebook, mine bitcoin, etc.

Nothing good comes from going to these sites or following any instructions from these sites, so do not even attempt to look for them, and if you do find stumble them by accident, ignore and block!

What About POP! Slots Cheat Codes?

Again, this is something that absolutely does not exist. There is no magic cheat code to gain even a single free Pop Slots chip, and certainly not any that would provide unlimited Pop Slots chips! These are false promises used to lure unsuspecting victims into browsing ads, downloading unneeded software, and injecting malware into the victims devices!

How To Get More Free Chips On POP! Slots?

There are many legitimate sources to get free Pop Slots chips! Besides the obvious free pop slots daily chips links that can be found on this site, there are other sources such as your email and directly in the app. Follow our POP! Slots Strategy 2020 for more details on get the most free Pop Slots chips possible!

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